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The Difference:  Body Over Bike vs. Other Fitters


The latest bicycle fitting technology:

  • Guru Fit System (Video)

  • Aline laser foot and leg alignment tools

  • Laser X/Y measuring

  • Kinect motion capture system

  • Side view video capture

  • Balance transfer incline fitting (simulates climbing and descending)


Brand agnostic:

  • Body Over Bike is not a bicycle shop.  We don’t stock bicycles or receive incentives by selling bikes, nor are we eager to fit you on a bicycle simply because we have it in stock.

  • We have close relationships with several local bicycle shops and can recommend the right reseller based on your needs and output from the Virtual Warehouse.

  • You’ll leave as an educated consumer and will be able to speak to a bicycle shop in a language they understand ensuring you leave their shop on a properly fitting bike. 


Not just a high performance, elite athlete fit center:

  • Body Over Bike is determined to properly fit every level of cyclist.  Whether you are a spin cyclist, occasional rider, weekend warrior, regular club rider, long distance rider, or elite level racer, we can perform a fit to match your riding style.  We're here to help you meet your personal goals and objectives, no matter how simple or complex.


No pressure to buy a new bike:

  • In fact, that's a key differentiator in working with a brand agnostic fitter like Body Over Bike.  We will not try to sell you a new bike - we don’t have an inventory that we are trying to move.  First and foremost we find the right fit for you.  Next, we determine which bikes are best suited to your fit dimensions and performance level. Finally, we refer you to a shop who sells the brand recommended by the Guru Virtual Warehouse.


A custom option:

  • For those that want something custom, Body Over Bike can act as the liason between you and your desired frame builder for that fully custom build.  

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