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The Process


              Discover, Define, Verify, Validate

  • Discover your preferences, aspirations, limitations and overall goals

  • Define your fit using the Body Over Bike Process on the Guru Fit System

  • Verify that your fit is properly transferred to your existing bike or verify that you are shopping for the correct make/model/size new bike

  • Validate that your fit continues to serve you well or that your new bike was set up properly.  This is a complimentary follow up session to ensure you are happy with your fit, that the X/Y dimensions on your current bike haven’t drifted, or your new bike was set up properly by the shop you purchased it from.


A full fit includes:

  • Shoe/pedal interface

  • Foot/shoe relationship

  • Saddle height

  • Ankle, Knee, Hip alignment

  • Handlebar height

  • Stem length/angle/stack height

  • Handlebar reach & drop

  • Seatpost type (straight/offset)

  • Incline evaluation

  • Guru Virutual Warehouse results

  • Email report of fit dimensions


Follow up visits and future fine tuning and adjustment as needed


Note: a partial fit includes a subset of the above elements

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